What to expect

1. Initial assessment

Your child's journey with Therapy Sense starts with an initial assessment. If your child has had an assessment elsewhere, we are happy to provide the interventions but we will just need a copy of the assessment report before staring any therapy.

2. Feedback

After the assessment, we provide one on one consultations and feedback from initial findings we gather from the assessment, with parents or caregiver.

3. Report

A full Occupational Therapy Assessment report will be completed for parents, schools and/or relevant organisations.

4. Therapy Interventions

Based on the recommendations in the report, occupational therapy sessions are designed specifically for your child. They are designed to be interactive and fun. Weekly or twice weekly sessions will usually take place in clinic or at school/ preschool. Sessions are best done in block courses to gain the most benefit. These could range form 8 weeks to 20 weeks +. It really depends on your child’s need and naturally this will be discussed with you.  Sessions are usually 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

In addition we also offer group interventions for social skills acquisition and these will be run in small groups with two Therapists present.

5. Re-assessment

We recommend that a re-assessment takes place after 20 weeks. The re-assessment gives us an indication of your child's progress and allows adjustments to take place with new findings.

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